Curvaceous Walnuts & Doughy Hot Cross Buns

Our journey exploring mark making through seasonal produce has continued over at the Online Art Group through the beautiful shapes and tones of Walnuts and juicy Hot Cross Buns! 

Following on from our experiments with intricate Kale leaves, artist Sara Dudman guided us through frottage, collage and layering techniques to focus on expressing the shapes and 3D properties of some delicious, curvaceous Walnuts, as well as introducing us to new ways of using charcoal to capture and highlight tone and depth. 

We then jumped headfirst into the wonderful world of colour to try out some simple watercolour + ink paintings to express the yummy textures, tones and doughy shapes of some absolutely moreish Hot Cross Buns. It’s been so great to see some of the work shared by participants as we move through the sessions, and see how confident everyone has been, letting their personalities and individual styles really shine through their creativity.

Although you could practically hear our collective stomachs rumbling after staring at Sara’s delicious Hot Cross Buns for an hour – next time, we’ll bring snacks!
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