Fungi Creations

We’re having a short break at the Online Art Group during May before Sara Dudman returns to regular sessions in June. At our last workshop we spent a brilliant evening making mixed media paintings focussing on expressing the form, texture, colours and domed shapes of some lovely little mushrooms. We used ink and watercolours, bringing in some frottage too, combining materials and techniques explored in previous sessions and continuing Sara’s inspiring focus on seasonal produce.

To inspire our fungi-fabulous creations, Emily from Somerset Art Works who helps run the group also shared an amazing Jelly Fungus she spotted on a recent walk in the Peak District. Sara’s sessions have definitely started helping us notice the beautiful shapes, textures and colours that are all around us – even in the most unlikely of places!

As ever, recordings from all previous sessions are available to watch back at any time in the group, so even though we wont be live streaming in May there’s still plenty of content to keep us busy!

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