What’s on Your Plate?

The first phase of this new project has been challenging because of all the issues that lockdown brings with it. As artists working in community settings we have had to face a world turned upside down both in work and in personal lives too. Getting to grips with the technology that can facilitate contact with others is tricky too : we are using zoom, facebook, this blog and it is of course a very different experience to working face to face.

Our main connection with the Watch Group in Chard is via their closed Facebook page and by a weekly Zoom forum. Starting to offer a digest of art ideas has proved overwhelming for people to receive – simply too many different ideas. So we have changed to a “little and often” approach – which suits Facebook much better. Rebecca and I have been trawling the internet seeking out the best and most accessible ideas for people to try at home and here is just one of those – What’s on Your Plate – you simply draw around a dinner plate and draw in whatever’s on top for you today.

Here are some responses we have had :

At our weekly Zoom Forum we hope to encourage participation and some group members have been asking for materials which we are able to send out – scraperboard, paints, art papers and so on.

Last week we had a request for information on collage and Rebecca was able to find this one :-

Rebecca said : is a really interesting and inspiring magazine all about COLLAGE. On their web-site http://kolajmagazine.com/artistdirectory/ there are lots of really interesting, unusual, whacky and inspiring collages. It’s a long time since I did any collage – I feel inspired to get snipping, tearing and sticking!!

Simon Ripley – Lead Artist

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