Doodle Painting in Stages

Our Quiet Places for Unquiet Minds project assistant Rebecca MacPherson has been experimenting with doodling in acrylic paint and drawing into it with a pencil to create vibrant patterns.

“I mixed each colour in a pot with water to the consistency of milk. Then using a few different sizes of brush to make different brush marks, brushing on plenty of paint so that it stayed wet as I worked into it, and so the colours bleed into each other and make interesting effects.
Then with a pencil, drawing into and through the wet paint, making patterns. It’s good to use card or watercolor paper, or I’ve been using the other side of cereal, biscuit packets as the card is nice and thick and doesn’t wrinkle with wet paint. It’s a nice technique to play around with, making all sorts of patterns.” Rebecca MacPherson

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