Meet Our Project Artists

Somerset Art Works has developed an ‘At Home’ strand of our Quiet Places For Unquiet Minds artist residency project, thanks to funding from the Somerset Coronavirus Response and Recovery Fund.

Lead artist Simon Ripley, assisted by artists Rebecca Macpherson and Rachel Gundry, will be developing innovative and interesting ways of creatively engaging with wellbeing groups and individuals around the county, during this time when many are feeling particularly isolated.

‘Offering support during the Coronavirus crisis, to encourage creativity and reflection, to share what we are making and how we are feeling is proving to be really valuable. It is a gentle intervention but at a time when emotions can be volatile, this project is able to provide stability and continuity.’ Simon Ripley  

Our project initially begins working with the Chard Watch Group and then we hope to extend our support and creative activities through the Mind in Somerset Art Groups run by Rachel Gundry and other wellbeing groups around the county.

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