Not being ‘precious’

Through May and June our sessions with Sara we have been investigating different ways of drawing and seeing; using a viewfinder to help with composition and translating small subject matter into larger and braver pieces of work. Our inspiration has been the beautiful Spring and Summer flora that is so abundant right now, exploring this through using charcoal, graphite and electrical tape!

We’ve also been talking a lot about not being ‘precious’ when it comes to experimenting with new techniques. A common thread amongst us all has been this sense of wanting to make something perfect or finished – and not being satisfied if something doesn’t turn out the way you expected or hoped. But through some brilliant techniques shared by Sara to loosen us up, and some really helpful discussion around different ways of drawing, changing work, and even using a ‘rubbish’ sketchbook where everything you draw is allowed to be imperfect, it’s helping us to be braver with the way we approach making.

“I like that Sara often says ‘this is the warm up sketch’, which helps me trick myself into just getting on with a ‘rubbish’ attempt. Whilst I get the idea of quick pencil sketches, I haven’t ever thought of doing really quick painting sketches in a ‘throwaway’ book – I guess I’m under the delusion that painting is something grander and more complicated than that. No wonder I tie myself in knots! Thank you for the chat – it helps me reflect”

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