Oil Pastel Prints – Allium and Waterlillies

“Like meditation, being absorbed in creative practice can help us to be in the present moment, and can help to free our minds from our worries, anxieties and stresses of our lives. Looking and really observing things around us and noticing things that inspire us brings our focus outside of ourselves to the world around us. We can enjoy the journey of creating something, experimenting with different materials, playing… Making art also gives us a great sense of achievement and satisfaction, giving us more confidence in ourselves and our abilities.” Rebecca MacPherson

This week we coloured separate sheets of paper with a different colour of oil pastel and placed them under our drawings at different stages to create a print.

Yellow and red pastel are blended on the paper to give a subtle mixture of colour to the print, drawing on the back to transfer the pastel to make the print.

Rebecca MacPherson is working with Simon Ripley to develop weekly online creative art activities to inspire members of the WATCH Project as part of Somerset Art Works’ Quiet Places for Unquiet Minds – At Home project.