Art Materials during lockdown

It’s been impossible to visit an art shop for art materials supplies during lockdown. If you are new to some of the art activities we’ve been suggesting then it’s difficult to choose what to buy online. So we have been ordering and sending out paints – acrylic, gouache and water colours, paper and sketchbooks too. We have also supplied some blank cards for the keen card makers and even some scraperboard. It has been a nice job selecting and sending out these ‘presents’ and I know everyone has been pleased to get something through the post as the results have been going up on the group Facebook page.

It has been brilliant to see everyone engaging with art – and making comments to appreciate and support each other :
I need to ship this masterpiece off to Sotheby’s asap
“Brilliant drawings. I especially like the plants and flowers”
“Looks great. Hadn’t thought of other ways to paint..”